Cron Mortuary Service

A Family Legacy Since 1813, Serving With Dignity And Respect.


We dedicate ourselves to the memories of those who have gone on before us, whose dedication to our profession has made it possible for us to offer services of the highest quality to those in need.


Cron Mortuary Service 


     The History of  Funeral Service in the Cron Family  Piqua, Ohio began in 1813 with Johannes Jacobus Cron(e) undertaking funerals in the rural area near their home in Springcreek Twp. Miami County, Ohio.  Jacob was known to make beautiful hand made wood caskets for his friends, neighbors and family in their time of need for a funeral of a loved one.  Jacob was later joined by his son Nicholas Cron in the early years of undertaking. Johannes Jacobus Cron(e) was born Nov. 15, 1777 in Germany and died in Springcreek Twp. Miami Co., Ohio in 1837. His son Nickolas carried on as a  farmer and followed his father's undertaking interest. Nicholas died in Springcreek Twp. Miami Co.,Ohio in 1887. Nicholas's son L.C. Cron continued to run the family undertaking and furniture business.  Family members L. C. and W.L. opened a Furniture Company in 1868 in Hunterville, now Piqua, Ohio.  That Company was the largest maker of furniture in Piqua, Ohio and they also had a retail furniture store in Piqua.  The family served the Piqua area as undertakers and funeral directors from 1813 through 1888 on.  In 1894 the Cron family was the first in the area to open a funeral home in Piqua, Ohio.  In 1949 J.C. Cron and his sons John, Kenneth, and Robert acquired Wade Shilling and Son Funeral Home in Troy, Ohio, forming J. C. Cron & Sons Funeral Homes in Piqua and Troy, Ohio.  Son Robert Cron managed the Troy location. Sons Kenneth and John operated the Piqua location.  J. C. Cron's grandson Jackson Cron II became a funeral director and embalmer working at the funeral home before moving out of the area. In 2005 Jackson was still a funeral director and embalmer.  Jackson Cron II was born May 31, 1931 in Piqua, Ohio and died November 16, 2013 in Sweet Home Oregon. In 1974  S. Howard Cheney became a partner and later acquired the bussiness.  In August of 2000 David R.Cron started working as a funeral home assistant for Melcher-Sowers Funeral Home in Piqua, Ohio working there for 4 years.  In 2003 David Cron earns a Funeral Service Technican Certificate. Seeing the need for A Mortuary Removal, First Call Service, David starts Cron Mortuary Service on October 29, 2004. The Cron family legacy for serving the Upper Miami Valley area has continued for over 200 years.






                      David R. Cron



  David R. Cron with our first removal hearse, 1985 Buick S&S


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